Sunday, February 10, 2008

I have moved!

After thinking long and hard, I have decided to abandon this blog, and set up another one purley for my new site Craft and Scrap. The new blog will only be for matters related to Craft and Scrap, only.

Thank you to those who visit Scrap Yourself Silly. Now I hope to see you at Craft and Scrap!

The Craft and Scrap web site is here.
The Craft and Scrap blog is here.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Nemo and a scrap space!

This here is a little mini book thing I made for our neighbours who had a bub 12 weeks ago... I finally got 'round to making and giving it to them just before Christmas! The love suba-diving and are "into" Nemo for their nursery, so I made this. Love the brightness, not sure about the theme, :P.

And, finally, I have my very own piece of the world - my own place to scrap (and, I dont have to put things away if I dont wanna).


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Eat. Pray. Love.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I have completed my little book of "happy", inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert and her journey to self discovery which she published in her book named Eat. Pray. Love. Basically, the idea behind the book is to recall some thing that made me happy during that day, no matter how small or seemingly trivial. I remember one of her examples when interviewed by Oprah was the way the sun was shining on her way out to collect the mail.

So, the book I got was from Big W. I just covered the back with felt, and popped a flower thing on the front and that's basically it. Not too plain to be boring, but fun enough to be a little self inspiring. I'll probably put a little "how to" on Craft and Scrap.

So, in my endeavour to get more organised this year, and since completing my book of happy, I realised that I have a few really important things that I refer to often throughout the day. I discovered this old folder that belonged to my dad, and tried to liven it up a little, so I could keep my "important daily stuff" in it. Things like my book of happy, daily diary (appointments and to do's), a notepad for jotting of ideas and groceries etc and a check list thingy of housekeeping etc. So now I can zip it all up and they're all in the one place. Just realised I forgot to clean the folder before I took a pic! :)

My bro sent me a link for a donut recipe, and I got a bit bored and made them this arvo. I made the dough, let it rise, and then after dinner John cut out the donuts and I cooked and glazed them! For our first attempt, and with no actual donut cutter, I'm really pleased with them! We had (still have) so many donuts that I gave some away to the neighbours!

So now I'm off to clean the kitchen!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Lazy Days

Ive been really lazy over the last week, only doing the necessities of cleaning and housework. Have been fiddling with websites, watching the kids in the pool, and stacks of reading. Tonight I even scrapped a little - I made a book to journal in which Ive called "my book of happy". It was inspired by a lady I saw on Oprah last year (must find name). Will hopefully post pic here tomorrow.

Ah summer and school hols!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last night, we were all in the lounge room, watching tele' - or rather the TV was on but with all of us in there at once you can never really "watch" - when suddenly Kane starts screaming "my eye! my eye! there's a sticker in my eye!" at first I thought he was saying "finger" or "stinger" but finally he confirmed "sticker". I was asking "where's a sticker? You were fine a second ago! You haven't been anywhere to get a sticker!" Meanwhile, he's in hysterics! I managed to open his eye, and there it was! Something white, about 5mm white! OMG! So John and I rushed him off to the bathroom to try and get it out with a dampened tissue or cotton tip, but I suddenly remembered my first aid training and thought "no! flush out with water!" so john got him in the shower and it was out in seconds! I was so scared that he'd scratched his eye, or blinded himself! We asked him how it got there, and he said he picked it up off the carpet, and was trying to stick it on his forehead, but it fell in his eye! Silly boofer!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lead up to Christmas

J was asked by her former teacher is she would please give a little speech at this year's year 6 formal and talk a bit about what year 7 is like. She received a formal invite, and so she attended that on Thursday night. She received a cute teddy with some choccies as a thank you. Heres a pic of what she looked like.

Also on Thursday night, P had her Guides Christmas party and she dressed a bit Christmasy and looked cute... we went to take photos but couldn't find the camera!

Went looking at Christmas lights last night, and there were a couple of outstanding displays, but from the streets that were recommended in the paper, we were very disappointed!

I am back at Woolies a couple of nights a week. Long story, but lets just say that it's funny how things work out. Ive only worked once, but theres a couple of new girls and they're lovely.

Had my follow up mammogram and ultrasound (I had a intra duct papilloma (dilated milk duct) removed from my right boob last year) on both boobs yesterday, and the results came back totally clear!

Have sorted out the linen press, and managed to contain all my craft items to the one cupboard! Now I just need to find some more energy at 10 oclock at night so I can actually get creative! Reading seems to be my thing again at the moment but thats probably because Im too tired to do much else...

Two weeks ago we all went into Darling Harbour and watched a little Christmas Concert that they held, starring Georgie Parker and David Campbell. Bob the Builder, and Alvin and the Chipmunks also made an appearance. It was a nice night. Afterwards we walked around for a bit and splurged on the kids - we bought 30 cent icecream cones from Maccas, and they played on the playground! They LOVED it!

When we got home, and everyone else had gone inside the house, there was just Jo left to get... he was asleep, but as I picked him up and went to hoist him up a bit on my shoulder, my jean leg got caught on the towbar and I lost my balance and fell back. I couldnt put my hands out to save me since i was holding Jo, but I heard and felt my head bang on the driveway! I think I was "out" for a couple of seconds, but the first thing I realised was that Jo was crying, but I think it was just the shock of how he was woken up. He wasnt hurt. The next thing I noticed was the sound in my head, and the pins and needles feeling that went down to the tips of my fingers. I was aware enough to say to P (who had come back out to see if I needed a hand with anything) "P, Ive just hit my head. You need to get Jo inside, and get Daddy out here. NOW!"

I felt a bit dizzy, but I was more scared than anything of something happening later, like swelling. After everyone was settled, I stayed up for as long as I could (about 40 minutes) and then went to sleep. Every time I bent over or reached up I felt nauseous, and tired. This was for 2 days. If it had of gone on any longer, I would've seen the doctor. But I wonder now if I still feel tired because of this. Maybe I just need more iron?

And the week before that, P was was in the School Spectacular at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. I went on the Saturday night to watch her (and to help out with S as far as driving her everywhere). What a fab fab show! And how talented are those kids??? All the singers were also brilliant! I was actually crying I was so moved by them, especially the younger ones. I was so proud of P too! She was a little mauve dinosaur! The full length show will be shown on ABC on the 19th December. J was also in the School Spec 2 years ago!

So, Im off now to read a bit of Maeve Binchy's Quentin. Not sure if Ive read anything of hers before...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kindy Award

My kindy girl got an award at school yesterday... big event - was held at the high school in their auditorium. The award was for "enthusiasm in learning and striving to do her best". She was of course very chuffed. This pic isn't too good... we ain't go no fancy camera with zoom baby - she is the one 7th from the left. What about that cute guy 2nd from the left? Every "awwwwww"'d when he came out. The girl with blonde hair 5th from the left stayed in the same position with a smile glued to her face the whole time they were on stage! :)

Today John has been home, and we've been working on some work/interests of his. I need to create another web site - for him!

Have also tried to get motivated for repacking some cupboards. We have 2 huge linen presses (thank goodness! but still never enough room) and a newish cupboard that was created when we were building Johns dads room. Not only was linen and manchester contained in these cupboards, but also some left over novels, photo boxes, scrapbook albums, and of course everything I own pertaining to scrappin! So now I am trying to best use the space. :P I don't have my own space anywhere in the house, and now scrap on the dining table (although its been more than 2 months!), so getting everything in and out is actually a drama since the cupboards are down a hallway.

Am also keen to start writing again, thanks to my girlfriend Raelene. After our night out in the city, she was motivated to re-persue our childhood dream of writing... and on the weekend, she let me read her completed chapter one (shes actually written 3 chapters now)! Woohoo! I have research some stuff, and have written down a bit of a synopsis for my book, so at least I've started! *wink*

So much to do, so little time.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I have returned!

Although I didnt really go anywhere!

So much happening, has happened, to happen - and on it goes!

Have decided to remain here with Blogger and with the same template. For now anyway.

Will update on my life another time, but in the meantime, check out Craft and Scrap here, and checkout some cool competitions we have going right now!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Time for a change?

Everyone else is doing it, so being the late follower that I always am, I might do it to!

Oh! Do what?

Change my blog. Thats all.

Probably still Blogger though ('cause I dont wanna spend money for something like this! LOL!) but under my new biz name and stuff.

And maybe, I''ll even update the new one more regularly!

Til later...

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yep, Im one of those slack bloggers.

But! Thanks to Roz James, I saw a cool thing on her blog called Blogging Without Obligation! See the new little black and white logo thingy to the left?

AhhhhhhhhhH! That feels so much better!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is a Tyler Thing?

Just a little bit earlier tonight, my 5 yo daughter started talking about Tasmanian Tigers, and how they became extinct. She said her friend Madeline said they all had their heads chopped and that's how they became extinct. I said I didn't think that that was why... someone wouldn't have gone around and just chopped off their heads because they didn't like them! She said how they were also called Tyler Sing's, not just Tasmanian Tigers. Tyler Sing? Whats that? I thought she was saying "sing" instead of "thing", so that translated to Tyler Thing. What is a Tyler Thing? I asked her. She said her teacher called the Tasmanian Tiger that too. A Tyler Thing? Why would anyone call it that? There must be a different name. Something else instead of "Thing". My daughter was adamant. And she was also adamant that their heads were chopped off. "How do you know?" I asked her. "Because Madeline looked it up on the 'net". "Alright," I said, "we'll look it up too".

And what do you know? The scientific name for Tasmanian Tiger is "Thylacine" (pronounced Tyler-seen"). :-)

And their heads probably were cut off too - through hunting, although that's not how they became extinct!

Lesson: never argue with a know-it-all 5 year old.

How excitement!

I just got my copy of Adobe Photoshop 7!! I am so excited! But lost... I have NO IDEA how to use it! Google here I come!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sooo busy lately! So very quick update for now!

Congrats to our neighbours who have had their first bub, a daughter named Ava, and 2 days later our good friends Gary and Kathryn had their 3rd bubby, a son named James!!

Ive decided to start up a craft business again with support from John, and will be taking a slightly different approach. Im not joking when I say that everyday I get at least one phone call for my old business, for people either looking for a particular item, but mostly for classes. I ummed and ahhed for a bit because I have now made connections with other people regarding scrapping, and I dont want to tread on anyones toes or anything, but I think the approach I have taken is fairly safe, so it wont be taken the wrong way. I didnt even know whether it was a good idea to mention anything here on my blog, but, hey, I havent stolen any ideas so why not? Does that make sense? Perhaps not. Anyway, we will be having classes in different formats, as well as the usual forum and gallery, and also gift / birthday / corporate packs. Im quite excited and cant wait to start on some new projects to start for classes. If you live nearby (Hills District, Sydney), and either want to check out the classes or have some of your own ideas to share, check out the new site.

The link is here.

Um, what else? Congrats to Crissy also who had a baby back in August - I dont think I mentioned anything on here about that before so thought I should! Gorgeous girl Gabriella! And congrats to Mel who I just read is prenant too! Im a bit behind on my blog reading obviously!

Our back verandah is almost finished - just the wire bits to go in between the posts. We had dinner out on the deck the other night with my FIL, and I tell you, it looks like a resort in the evenings! John has done an amazing job with the lighting and everything looks gorgeous!

We took a trip up to the Entrance a few weeks back, and stopped in at my gf new house on the way back. Such a big house! 5 minute walk to beach. And we have our night out in the city in a couple of weeks and we're soooo looking forward to it!

My dad had his 60th birthday party, and that was a great night. Dad cried when he opened my card and people oohed and ahhed over it. It was the one I made at LSBS. I got a bit drunk, but I still remember everything... including when I tripped over the low set table leg as I was doing the conga, and that was the end of the conga altogether! lol! We all staryed in the hotel afterwards, which was a nice treat, and met dad for breakky the next morning. Very nice. On the Sunday was the local fair, and I was hoping to meet Pinkie from LSBS, but never found her!

Talking of LSBS, very sad that I didnt get to do the CC on the weekend just past... we had a bit of family time instead so that was nice.

Well, Im gabbing away, and I promised myself I wouldnt be late leaving the house this morning, so best be off!

Til next time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Busy few days!

to say the least!

Some dot points of the last few days (in no particular order) until I can be bothered to elaborate some other 60 seconds:

  • My Dads' 60th birthday party Saturday night
  • Me tripping over the table while doing the Conga. And then the Conga promptly finishing.
  • Crestwood Fair (which was made so cute at the end of the day by my 5yo dd boyfriend coming to sit beside her to watch the fireworks)
  • Going to court to support my step-dad in his claim against the council deciding his dog is dangerous
  • John and I coming to an agreement / decision on a biz idea for me
  • Waiting for Kathryn to have her bub
  • My girlfriend Rae organising a hotel for our getaway in a few weeks.
  • Kane doing brilliantly in speech therapy.
  • Waiting for my copy of PhotoShop
  • Going to the library for story time with Josh, only to have him keep saying "Elmo" while pointing to a DVD the whole time (well, nearly whole time until I took him away)
  • Borrowing 2 books - PhotoShop for Dummies and Creating Web pages for Dummies (among other books)
  • Winning a gift voucher from LSBS for my LO with the pockets! Cool!

Now, gonna watch All Saints!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My creations!

Well, had a very busy creative weekend! Very happy with the end results! I only got them finished in time as both Blumar's and LSBS had extended times to finish!


1. Challenge: Card with something hidden. See that photo of the bub? Thats a spinning thing, so you turn it and it shows a different pic, or some words.

2. Challenge: LO using chipboard that is covered using at least 2 techniques. I covered the swirly chipboard in pp and Modpodge, painted the alphas, and shooshed the journalling tag.

3. Challenge: LO of someone dressed up. So this is Kane in an outfit I whipped up for him for preschool, the day before a Superhero Day.

4. Challenge: Create a card or LO using the handmade envelopes. John and I minutes after Joshy was born.

For Blumar's:

Challenge: Use sketch to make Christmas card.

Challenge: Use sketch to create birthday theme LO, including ribbon and eyelets.



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I tag

(this might get her butt into gear to actually blog!)
Crafty Nanna (Blumar's)
Tianne and
Sam (again, poor girl... she just did one! But this one is different! LOL!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

LSBS CC Weekend!

Little Scrapbook Shop is having their cybercrop this weekend too! (Gee, I'm gonna busy, huh!).

And they have a great incentive for all the newbies to come along and join in! You could win a prize too for simply registering and doing a challenge in the CC!

I joined in on the last CC there and it was loads of fun, so am looking forward to this one too!

Dont think I mentioned that I was rewarded the "LSBS encouragement award" for the last cc.

I cant figure out how to put it on here so it "blinks". :(

Anyway, thats it for me for now...

Oh, and by the way, I quit my job on Sunday night!